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No such thing as sandwiches

Be wise. Be brave. Be tricky.
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Still the world is wondrous large,—seven seas from marge to marge—
   And it holds a vast of various kinds of man;
And the wildest dreams of Kew are the facts of Khatmandhu
   And the crimes of Clapham chaste in Martaban.

Here's my wisdom for your use, as I learned it when the moose
   And the reindeer roared where Paris roars to-night:—
"There are nine and sixty ways of constructing tribal lays,

   —Rudyard Kipling

Job: physician
Metaphysics: naive realism
Politics: proud RINO
Religion: relaxed athiest
Cats: Tagalong and Story
OS: Ubuntu, 10.04
Critically important issues on which I have no opinion: abortion, gun control, the war in Iraq.
Crank opinion: cocaine, opiates, hallucinogens and other psychoactive drugs should be legalized. Antibiotics should not.
Universe I would like to live in: C.S. Lewis's.
Universe I really live in: Raymond Carver's, Nelson Algren's, Nathanial West's.

I went to the Clarion science fiction and fantasy writing workshop in 2004. I kept an almost-real-time account of my experiences there, at st_at_clarion.

I used to read slush for Lenox Avenue, a now sadly defunct e-zine of speculative fiction.

I write some spec fic myself. I won the 2004 Grand Prize in the Writers of the Future Contest. My winning story, "In the Flue," is published in L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume 21, available at most booksellers, including Amazon.


"She's a Flight Risk", Raven Electrick, November, 2007

"Bullet Dance," Asimov's July, 2007

Fourteen Experiments in Postal Delivery, Strange Horizons, June 5, 2006

"Errant Souls," Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet No. 18, Spring 2006

Adventures in Dog-Walking in Downtown Philadelphia, Strange Horizons, November 7, 2005

"In the Flue," in L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future, Volume XXI, Galaxy Press, Hollywood CA, 2005

"419 Scam," Flashshot, February 7, 2004

Clockwork Dragons Must Die!, Fortean Bureau, September, 2004.

The Girl of Flesh, Fortean Bureau, November, 2003.
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