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THE roofers have been tromping all over my roof all day. My daffodils are coming up, and the roofers are tramping them down. The hellebore, too. I think the roof is probably about 3/4 done. This is annoying and expensive, but necessary. The roof has a leak, left over from the former owners (grrrr) which has been devilishly hard to find and fix. The roof had neared the end of its natural lifespan anyway, so this is one more attempt to find and fix the leak. It didn't leak in the pouring rain we had yesterday, so maybe, maybe the problem is solved. Maybe. I've been struggling with this leak for the past five years, and I hesitate to be too optimistic, but...

meaning: advantage, profit, effect
benri == convenient
reiki == profit, gain
Left radical is 'rice plant', right is 'sword/cut'. Henshall suggests remembering this kanji by: 'Effect sharp tool cuts rice for profit'.


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