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875,000 soul-mates

There's an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer this morning talking about on-line dating services, find-your-love message boards, and the like (and the collapse of newspaper Personals, as their users go on-line instead).

This caught my eye:

Sociologist Robert Billingham...worries that on-line dating services encourage the idea that there is a single 'soul-mate' there for each of us. "The truth is that there are probably about 875,000 perfect people out there for you," said Billingham.

875,000? 875,000?!? So why can't I get a date?

And how on earth was this number derived? And what is the denominator? Is this 875,000 out of all Americans? All Americans of the opposite sex? ^^;; Or everyone in the world? Yes, the love of my life awaits, in Outer Mongolia, in a yurt.

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