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AT 3 p.m today I will be aboard an Amtrak train, headed for San Francisco. LJ updates will suffer.

My professional society, the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, is having its annual meeting there. After 9-11 I looked into cross-country train travel. What I found was unpromising, from a standpoint of efficiency: the trip takes three days each way, and costs as much or more as a first-class airline seat. In a country the size of the US, cross-country trains just isn't aren't a realistic possibility for business travel, even if they were to run at shinkansen speeds. Maybe even at mag-lev speeds. But then I thought: I'm not a businessman. I've got some vacation time to burn. I've never traveled through the Rockies or the Sierras, just over them, at thirty thousand feet. Why not do it? Besides the scenery, it'll be three days each way to read, write, dream.

I will try to update from SF, when I get there. I'm taking a laptop, and nowadays all major hotels (mine's the Hyatt Regency at the Embarcadero) will have some way to get on the net. But updates will be delayed. I seriously doubt there will be an internet connection aboard an Amtrak train. It would be possible, I think, just put a dish on the roof. And some day, in the not-too-distant-future of 802.11, there will be broadband everywhere. But probably not yet.

meaning: is near, vicinity, recent
kinjo == neighborhood
chicamichi == shortcut
Radicals mean 'movement' and 'axe'. Henshall suggests remembering this kanji by: 'Distance to move chopped, making it near'.


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