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Action painting

THIS is how to turn a US$5000 cardiac monitor into abstract art.

We often get patients in the ER who are, ah, 'high spirited'. As in 'high because of ingestion of spirits'. Or sometimes just plain destructive, of self, of others, of everything in their general vicinity. We tie these folks down, sometimes give them a little sedation, and let them snooze. When they wake, they're generally very subdued, and often quite repentant, different people entirely, in fact. Generally. Because it's annoying to be in four-point leather restraints (under medical circumstances, anyway), the kind-hearted nurses usually release one or more of the wrist and ankle bands once they judge the patient is under control, and isn't going to choke on his own vomit, run out into traffic, beat up the staff, or otherwise disturb the peace. Sometimes, though, patients aren't predictable. One minute they seem to be in control, the next...

This fellow, once his hands were free and no one was looking, found an object—we conjecture it was the cardiac monitoring yoke—and smashed the monitor with it, probably by whirling it around like a bolo. And now you know what a LCD monitor looks like when you whack an object into it at high speed. Abstract expressionist art. Action painting, so to speak.

meaning: drawing, plan
chizu == map
toshokan == library
Originally referred to the activity of partitioning fields on a map. Henshall suggests remembering this kanji by: 'Diagram with spot marked by X and two pointers'.


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