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The color of the universe, v. 1.01

THE universe is not turquoise after all. It's beige. Just thought you'd like to know. In case you were thinking of painting your bedroom the same color as, um, the universe. So it would blend in, and all. Or maybe it has something to do with feng shui, I dunno.

Geez, I wish they wouldn't keep changing the color of the universe every few weeks, it's getting on my nerves. Like discovering that the Hubble Constant is actually a variable. Next thing you know, they'll find that pi equals 3.

Just hope they don't find out the color of the universe is really Avocado, or Harvest Gold. A hot pink universe would be neat, though, I think. Or maybe a nice tartan.

Oops. Just noticed shibumi scooped me on this one. Drat.

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