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I'M still the only LJ user with 'cavalier poets' as an interest. Thpthth! A month or so ago, I noted that I had lost that distinction, someone else had listed it. Wow, I thought, a friend! Turned out to be a bitter Marxist grad student who enjoyed fighting with Objectivists in his LJ comments. Lordy, what a disappointment. And within the next week he dumped that interest just so he could add stuff like 'hating george w. bush' and 'hating Objectivists' to his interest list. It's springheel_jack, btw, if you want to say hello to him, or shove a decayed fish under his door. And I note that he's now added "hating conservatives," "hating dinesh d'souza" (a conservative pundit) "hating heidegger," (wow, I'm impressed, I certainly don't know enough about Heidegger to hate him), "hating ralph nader," "hating republicans," "hating sociobiologists," and many other hates to his list. The man is definitely into hate. I'm with him on Nader, but I kinda like the rest. Sociobiologists, huh? A shame. Sociobiology must be threatening to one's class consciousness. Hey, here's a glass of white wine! A toast to sociobiology!

I'm tempted to add ole' springheel_jack to my friends list, he's a colorful sort, but I'd be too tempted to waste all my time fighting with him over politics. He'd really be happier if he'd give up hating so much, but that's just my opinion.

I made verthandi's pasta sauce. It's really good, thanks for the recipe! It took a while to make though, chiefly because all the tomatoes have be peeled and de-seeded. It took 12 plum tomatoes (I did end up finding some decent ones at the store, even in winter) to make 1.5 pounds. I had actually never peeled tomatoes before. You score the bottoms, sort of like making a dum-dum bullet, then plop them into boiling water for 30 seconds, then haul them out and drop them in ice water to stop the cooking. Then you can peel the skins off fairly easily with a paring knife. Interesting.

shi(iru),  tsuyo(i), tsuyo(maru), tsuyo(meru)
meaning: strong
tsuyomi == strongpoint
benkyou == study
Left radical is 'bow', top right is 'nose', bottom right is 'insect'. Henshall suggests remembering this kanji by: 'Strong insect draws bow with its nose'.
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