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Review: Gillette Mach3 razor

GILLETTE was laughed at a few years ago when they introduced the first razor with three blades, the 'Mach3'. Consumer Reports reviewed it, and basically panned it. Maybe it hasn't been selling too well, because Gillette has apparently been sending around free samples. I got one in the mail a month or so ago, and tried it.

And you know what? It's pretty good. Hype or no hype about three vs. two blades, this is the first razor I've used that doesn't automatically nick me. I've got a difficult face and neck to shave: very angular, I guess. Okay, scrawny. Bony. Whatever. In any event, every razor I've used for a long time has nicked me here and there, unless I was excruciatingly careful and light with it. And that's difficult and annoying to do when you've first gotten up in the morning, and you're still rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

It isn't the three blades that is better, I don't think, but the head that is mounted loosely, on springs, and swivels easily as you pass it over your face. I suppose it adjusts to your facial contours, and tilts rather than nicking. Whatever is happening, it's all good.

Now, after a month of use, my freebie Mach3 is finally dull, so I went back to my old Gillette Sensor Excel today. Nicked myself, for the first time in a month. Damndamndamndamn!

So, from now on, it's the Mach3. Gillette's marketing strategy of sending out freebies worked, at least for me.

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