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meaning: inside, middle, China
chuugakusei == Junior high school student
chuugoku == China
Henshall suggests remembering this kanji by 'Chinese arrow pierces middle of target'.

From early in Magic Knight Rayearth: the girls, thrown together by fate, have decided to introduce themselves, and Fuu and Umi have already done so, Umi somewhat reluctantly. Now comes Hikaru, who yells, "Shidou Hikaru! Ju-yonsai, chuugaku ninensei!" ("Shidou Hikaru! 14 year old middle-school student, 2nd year!" (8th grade).

Listen to Hikaru introduce herself in the anime version of MKR. (She says 'chuugaku ninen', rather than 'chuugaku ninensei'.) [link from Reiko-chan's 'Japanese for Anime Lovers' page.]

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