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Video Editing Purgatorio

VIDEO Editing Hell is over. I think. spate's suggestions are appreciated, but it turned out to be something simpler. Somehow, uninstalling the DC10+ software had hosed Win98, and Explorer wouldn't load, giving a page fault. After some fussing and Google Groups/Deja browsing and a few false starts, I replaced 'explorer.exe' with 'progman.exe' in the 'shell=' parm in Win98's system.ini, re-installed the DC10+ drivers and software under that, and that got Explorer to finally load. I then re-un-installed (got that?) the DC10+ stuff (this time keeping all those files which 'do not seem to be in use by any program', which I think the uninstaller deleted the first time, causing the Explorer page fault problem.

Pulled the board. Reinstalled software. Re-installed the board. Now I think it's working. Whew. I still need to tweak the brightness or contrast a little, but it finds and rips the video stream reliably.

And I think the original problem was caused by installing the board before I installed the software. Some hardware is just like that, Plug 'n' Play be damned.

Whew. Two mornings shot to hell. Now, can I actually work on my video?

meaning: come, go
mairu == attend, go (humble, used of oneself)
sanko == reference
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