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Video Editing Hell

I am now, officially, in Video Editing Hell, once again. I can't make the DC10+ capture card pick up video signal reliably. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Conversation on Usenet about this problem suggests that the DC10+ really, really wants its own IRQ. So. I flipped it and the audio card in their PCI slots, and now it's on IRQ 5. And the capture situation is... oh, a little better. Instead of never picking up a reliable video signal, now it gets it perhaps one time in three.

So I will reinstall the drivers. First step in reinstalling the drivers was to de-install the old drivers...

...which hosed my Win98 installation. I now can't even get into Explorer. I'm out of time today, but it looks like tomorrow will be yet another reinstall of Win98.

I am in Video Editing Hell.

meaning: friend
tomodachi == friend
gakuyuu == schoolmate
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