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ODDS and ends.

To George W. Bush's 'Axis of Evil' nations, I would like to add the 'Axis of Unromantic Sourpusses'. Current members include the Shiv Sena party of India, which last year engaged in violent protests against...wait for it...Valentine's Day. And Saudi Arabia, which is banning Valentine's Day cards, bears, candies, and even the color red.

Yes, Valentine's Day is certainly threatening. [roll eyes] Thank god for Japan.

The quantification of schadenfreude. The full study is availble in pdf format at the author's website. This is rather depressing, but economics is, after all, the dismal science. What's most disturbing to me is that this wasn't just a hypothetical situation, the subjects were playing with real money, and their actions affected who would take home how much. It may be pertinent, though, that they were told explicitly that this was a one-time event. If we're going to be playing with the same people in the future, maybe we moderate our actions.

This reminds me of people who ram their cars into others' on the highway because they're annoyed at the other guy's driving.

<td width="100"></td> <td width="400" valign="top" align="left">
From Maison Ikkoku: Kyoko has climbed up on the leaky roof intending to repair it, but has fallen asleep in the warm afternoon. Godai and Akemi realize she hasn't been heard from in a while, and because it's beginning to look like rain, Godai climbs up on the roof to look for her. With the first peals of thunder, feeling the first raindrops from the approaching storm, Kyoko wakes up, doesn't realize she's on a roof, and runs, thinking she has to take in her drying wash before the rain comes. Godai lunges after her, yelling, "Wa—!! Yane desu yo! Koko wa yane—!!" ("It's the roof! This is the roof!") </td>
meaning: shop, dealer, seller, house
honya == bookstore
yane == roof
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