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Friday the 13th, STILL

It may be Tuesday, April 17, but in my heart, it's still last Friday.

My sink sprang a huge leak in the P-trap on Friday the 13th. I posted about that then. I just finished trying to fix it myself, with a new P-trap from Home Depot, and managed to destroy the sink. Really. I somehow managed to destroy the brass flange at the drain that connects the sink to the outlet pipe and the P-trap. Oh, joy. It's unrepairable. I'm now arranging for a plumber to install a new sink, for who knows how many hundreds of dollars.

I hate plumbing. I'm utterly fearless about plunging into my computer's case and mucking with the drives and the motherboard, but plumbing... and even if everything goes right, all you have left at the end is... plumbing.
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