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Packin', packin', packin'...

IN this post I showed you some x-rays of a bodypacker who had been brought to my ER by US customs. We've been having a run on them, for some reason, over the last few days. The last two nights I worked, we got three. Usually they go directly to the Medical Intensive Care Unit, but the hospital has been jammed lately, there were no beds in the MICU or anywhere else, and 'admitted' patients are stacking up like cordwood in the ER. Well, not exactly cordwood, it's an expression, but you know...

Anyway, the result was that two of the bodypackers wound up staying in the ER for the night, handcuffed to their stretchers, surrounded by a phalanx of Customs agents. Now, the way you get contraband out of a bodypacker is to flush it out, with a bowel-cleansing solution called 'Go-Lytely'. Heh-heh. Go-Lytely is normally used to cleanse the bowel before bowel surgery, but it works well to flush out drug packets as well. Two gallons, straight up. No ice, no chaser. Well, maybe ice if they really want it. It's an ER joke that maybe it should be called 'Go-Heavily'. Or 'Go-Forcefully'. Or even 'Go-Explosively'. It produces massive watery diarrhea. Customs waits while the bodypacker dumps their packets in the bedpan, collects them, and when there are no more, x-rays the bodypacker to confirm he's empty. Then, off to jail. 

So. We usually start the Go-Lytely in the ER, but don't usually see the results: the patient is usually in the MICU by the time they begin to dump their packets. But these guys were in the ER all night long, and I got a chance to see what they produced. (They had acquired the drug packets on Aruba, BTW. They thought they were heroin, but didn't know for sure.) Here they are:

These all came out of one guy. The other guy had even more in him. Each is about 3/4" by 3". I don't know why one is green. If this guy had gotten through Customs, he would have met his contact, defecated the packets, probably after taking a laxative, and the packets would have been opened, the drugs cut and sold on the street, for some junkie to inject. Or snort. Or smoke. Mmm, yummy.

meaning: elder sister
oneesan == elder sister, respectful
ane == elder sister (your own)
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