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Networking: working!

PEER-to-peer networking is working on Ed and Tagalong. Thanks to makyra and spate for their suggestions. The problem turned out to be mainly that I hadn't installed NetBEUI on either machine. I still could have shared folders by specifying their names directly; my failure to do that yesterday (Tagalong couldn't recognize a folder on Ed) turned out to be my own stupidity: I was trying to change the sharing properties not of the folder, but of its shortcut, then pointing Tag at the folder, not at the shortcut. Sigh. Shortcuts are such a mixed blessing.

So. Now that I've got networking up and running, I can feel nervous that I've got file/print sharing turned on on both machines, and am [potentially] sharing some of my folders with all the universe. Hope the firewall on my router is robust. I usually run BlackIce on Ed, and I should probably run it on Tag as well.


meaning: capital
Tookyoo [Hep: Toukyou] == Tokyo
Kyooto [Hep: Kyouto] == Kyoto
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