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IN other news, I bought a laptop on eBay. It's an older Dell Latitude, 366 processor. Name in the Wired: TAGALONG. Obviously, it's not intended for power user type apps; mainly for note-taking and communications while away from home. As I've mentioned several times before in my LJ, I've been getting the wanderlust, and I want travel more. More on this later.

Tagalong plugs into the Netgear RT314 router and connects the net without a hitch. Sweet. But I also want to network it to my Win2K machine, radical-edward, via the router, and have had only partial success. Ed can't detect Tagalong, but she can connect to Tagalong's shared folders, if you type in the full network path. Duh? Tagalong can't detect the presence of Ed at all, and won't share, even if you type in the name of Ed's shared folder. Maybe that's because I can't give Tagalong's user privileges on Ed, because ED CAN'T DETECT THE PRESENCE OF TAGALONG!


I think I need to know more about networking, so far I'm just been throwing stuff at the wall and seeing if it sticks. Maybe I should read a book? Although, there's got to be stuff on the net about how to do this.

TOO [Hep: TOU]
higasi [Hep: higashi]
meaning: east
Tookyoo [Hep: Toukyou] == Tokyo
higasi nihon [Hep: higashi nihon] == eastern Japan
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