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IMDB voting stats page

WHILE looking up info on IMDB about Amelie for the previous post, I discovered the IMDB stats breakdown page. Coolness. I had not realized this existed before. Click on the line of stars that represents the movie's rating on IMDB's main page for that film, and you will be taken to a page that breaks down the vote by age and sex, and by vote rank. This is interesting. The vote rank graph, for example, will tell you the pattern of the vote. Whether, for example, the voting pattern is bimodal, i.e., most people either loved the movie, or hated it, but few felt in-between. The Blair Witch Project is sort of like that. It gets a middling rating, but not because most people votes fell in the middle: there were a lot of people who loved it, and gave it 9's and 10's, but a substantial contingent of BWP haters, who gave it a 1. (I admit, I'm among the latter.) I thought slasher flicks like Friday the 13th would also be bimodal, with men rating them high and women low, and 'chick flicks' like Beaches the opposite, but no. Lots more men than women rate Friday the 13th, maybe because women don't watch slasher movies to begin with. But, weirdly, more men rate Beaches, too, although not by such a large margin. I think we're running into the fact that men tend to go on the net and seek out sites like IMDB more than women do, so the sex ratios may be misleading. Still, the men seemed to like it as much as the women did. Maybe people just don't watch movies they anticipate not liking, and therefore most movie ratings will tend to be positive?

Still, even given that, some of the sex ratios are way lopsided. For example, 122 men rated Vampyros Lesbos, compared with only 7 women. And the women tended to rate it, um, low. So. Women don't like films about lesbian vampires. Go figure!

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