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Nasdaq as a verb

THE asprin-ization of 'Nasdaq:

The WSJ reports that over the past year 'Nasdaq' (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation system) has become a verb, and a bad one. The Nasdaq exchange includes companies too small to be listed on the NYSE. All companies are small when they start out, and historically many companies have first listed their stock on the Nasdaq, and moved to the NYSE when they became more prosperous, although some companies, like Apple and Sun, stay there forever. The Nasdaq moves faster and harder than the NYSE, and it's a good place to make or lose lots of money if you're trading indexes. The Nasdaq, home to many small tech stocks and dot.coms, had a tremendous run-up in the 1990's, and has lost like crazy in the past two years, going from around 5000 to as low as 1500.

Well, the journalists are on it, and are now using 'Nasdaq' as a verb, meaning to lose, implode, crash&burn, etc.

Example, from the WSJ: "Looking for a word to convey the plight of hapless Denver Broncos quarterback Brian Griese, Mr. Schefter [sportswriter for the Denver Post] wrote that "his quarterback rating has Nasdaqed."

Interesting. What does this mean? Is the Nasdaq—which has made a lot of people rich over the years, as well as making many poor—now going to be tarred forever by this usage, and will investors shy away from securities listed on it? Or does it mean that the worst is over? As I've said before, by the time stock market trends, bull or bear, make it into the consciousness of people who aren't brokers or active investors, those trends are usually about over. If even sportswriters have decided that the 'Nasdaq' only falls, maybe it means that it's time to buy.

chichi, too [Hep: tou]
meaning: father
chichi == father
otoosan [Hep: otousan] == father (respectful)
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