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Birthday party

MY nightshift nurses took me to dinner last night, as a birthday present. We went to Hibachi, a local 'Japanese steakhouse'. All sorts of stuff cooked on a grill in the middle of a semi-circle of diners. I had mixed seafood, which was very good. They brought me an ice-cream cake, which was also very good, and when it came time to sing 'Happy Brithday', one of the restaurant employees showed up with a gong, which he plied enthusiastically during the song. It was all a heck of a lot of fun.

I also got presents:

A year in chocolate; four seasons of unforgettable desserts, by Alice Medrich. [I think they're hinting broadly at something.. ¬_¬ ]
"The Sushi Box", a do-it-yourself sushi kit, with a little bamboo roller thingy. Just add fish, rice, nori, and whatever.
A gift certificate for
A gift certificate for Barnes & Noble
The Lord of the Rings OST CD.</font>

I feel loved! My friends are so nice.

meaning: morning
kesa == this morning
choushoku == breakfast
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