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Odds and ends

INTERESTING links & stuff.

1. I've mentioned before how much I'm interested in real-time web-based statistical analysis of the waves that ripple through attention-space, the memes that ebb and flow through our minds. I've talked about Amazon Purchase Circles a couple of times before, and the LJ meme tracker (although, boringly, recent LJ memes seem to be almost entirely on-line polls). I've recently discovered a meme tracker that looks at blogs in general, Daypop. You'll recognize some of their memes, others may be new. Dig the clock.

Amazon tracks both hot products, and those that are most rapidly increasing in interest, but if you want to track an item of interest to you, you can enter its URL into The display may be a little confusing: because items with high sales have low ranks (e.g., the best-selling item is ranked '1', a very poor-selling item might be 15,000) and when a product moves from a low rank to a high rank, this engine subtracts the old rank from the new rank, coming up with a negative number. Thus, products that start selling well will have large negative indices. Products that were popular, but now people have stopped buying will have very positive ranks. See? Anyway, it's an interesting device. Track your favorite Amazon item. Click on the 'rank change' number to display all changes in rank since someone entered the item.

2. The American Dialect Society has chosen its 'Word of the Year'. It's '9-11'. Okay, can't argue with that. Other candidates also relate to post Sept. 11 history: 'weapons-grade', as in 'weapons-grade salsa', and 'impeachment nostalgia', a longing for the superficial news of the pre-9-11 era Other suggestions are on the ADS site. Some of these I have never heard, and am highly skeptical that they have actually been found in the wild, but some I expect will last, such as 'let's roll', which has already made it into both a Presidential speech, and a popular song. Others I really like, but I dunno if they'll catch on: 'orthorexia nervosa', 'netwallah', and 'cuddle puddle'. I love words!

3. Okay, this totally creeps me out. Stare at the doorway in this picture for a while. It'll take a minute or so. I don't think I've ever had a real frisson from something on a computer screen before... (grabbed from the Daypop Top 40)

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