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Thoughts on 50

I am 50 years old today.

Half a century. One-twentieth of a millennium. I have lived longer than Jesus Christ, Alexander the Great, John Keats and Janis Joplin, but accomplished somewhat less than any of them. I have outlived my parents and grandparents, two dogs, three cats, and an ex-wife. I am educated. I am financially comfortable. I have no religion. I have never been jailed, wrestled an alligator, or climbed Mt. Everest, and am unlikely ever to do any of these things. I have caused no great harm in the world, but no great benefit either. 

I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled. I shall read alt.obituaries. I will throw the AARP application form in the trash when it arrives in the mail. I think I'm too old for destroyed jeans. I am sick to death of recycled boomer rock 'n' roll, and rap and hip-hop are sounding better every day.

If I were to die today, the world would roll on, scarcely noticing. But the same can be said of most of us, unless we are the Archduke of Austria.

Birthdays have no objective meaning. We are a day older on our birthdays, as we are on every other day of the year. I am not demonstrably different today than I was yesterday, and will be pretty much the same tomorrow. The meaning of birthdays is in their symbolism only. They are moments to reflect on our lives and the passage of time.

Oh, screw reflection. I'm going out to buy a red sports car, get my left ear pierced, and have some kanji tattooed on my neck. L8r, d00dz. 

SYA [Hep: SHA]
yasiro [Hep: yashiro]
meaning: company
kaisya == company
syachou == company president
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