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I am really liking Autechre, and their album Incunabula. This is techno, but I can't imagine dancing to it. It is complex, highly rhythmic, layered, and somehow both exciting and soothing at the same time. The album popped up as the favorite of everyone in the domain in my Amazon purchase circle, and although the brief clips at Amazon didn't do much for me and I had never heard of Autechre, it had nothing glowing reviews, and I thought I'd chance buying it. I'm glad I did.

My nurses don't like it. :P Any more than the anime music or Hong Kong pop I bring to work.

The name, btw, is a bibliophile term, and refers to books that were printed in the very earliest days of the printing press in Europe.

meaning: person; direction, alternative; way, manner
migi no hou == right hand side
yuugata == evening, dusk
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