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Virus warning

THERE'S a really nasty bug going around, and I caught it. First day: sinus pain and scratchy throat. Second day: bad abdominal pain, nausea, and orthostasis (lightheadedness on standing). I made it into work, and managed to see two patients, but felt as if I were about to either vomit or faint on top of my next patient. Took my temp: 101.1.

So I made myself into a patient. Agnes stuck an IV in me and ran in three liters of normal saline, Glen did history and physical, and I dozed in a spare ER bed for the next six hours. At that point I was functional and able to stumble out of the ER and home. It's 36 hours later now, and I'm feeling better. Not back to normal yet, but about 80% of the way there. Ugly bug.

The night before I had been telling someone that I had only missed one shift because of illness since graduating med school. So much for that. Pride goeth before a fall.

Thanks to everyone who took care of me in the ER while I was down, and especially to Agnes for her TLC and her l33t IV skillz, and to Glen for staying into the wee hours of the morning to work the rest of my shift for me. I work with such great people!

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