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Alas, po0r yoriX0r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

THE Dialectizer converts text, or a hypertext link, into dialect.

What fun! Here's Satan's greeting to Beelzebub, from the first book of Paradise Lost, converted into Elmer Fudd:

If thou beest he; But O how faww'n! how chang'd
Fwom him, who in the happy Weawms of Wight 
Cwoth'd wif twanscendent bwightnes didst outshine 
Mywiads though bwight...

Hamlet's speech about Yorick, in 133t: 

Alas, po0r yoriX0r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 --i knew him, horatio; a fellow o finfinite jest, of most xcellent fany: he hjath borne em o|\| his vX0r a thousand time;s a|\|d now, how abhrored In my imagination it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~ lololollololololol... my gorgge risez 4t 1t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~~

CNN's home page in Redneck.

Alas, po0r yoriX0r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another pathway to entertaining nonsense: the Babelizer, which converts your text into five different European languages, returning it to English in between. Hm. Here's Satan again, having  been passed through the Babelizer:

If thou more beest he more; But or that case'n! like chang'd of
him, this in the lucky d-light of the kingdoms of the cloth ' with
myriades nevertheless exceeds outshine didst the system of brightnes of the illumination...

Sounds like one of my attempts to translate Japanese. And now Hamlet:

Sections, Yorick! seriously -- it could Officers' Club of
Revolutionary Armed Forces it, Horatio; a comrade of the infinite
joke, excellent fantasy of the majority: hath took in the relative
the thousand later times to it; and the hour, like in fantasy of the
mine abhorred, is! my throat goes until he.

Sections, Yorick!

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