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Comcast ad

HOLY shit. Comcast (local cable provider) is running a commercial with a mixed-race couple. I don't think I have ever seen this before, except in commercials that were about racial issues (pro-tolerance, diversity, etc.) Otherwise, the commercial is a perfectly ordinary commercial for Comcast's digital cable service (which I have, and isn't that great). I thought mixed-race couples were one of the secret no-no's for TV commercials, like the proscription on seeing anyone actually drinking beer in a beer commercial.

Mixed-race marriages are on the rise. Something like half of all marriages of Asian-Americans are to non-Asians. Black-white marriages have roughly doubled in the past 20 years. Black-white marriages are only around 4% of all marriages in general American society, but as high as 20% in the military, suggesting that the main barriers to inter-racial relationships in general American society may be culture and income, rather than race per se.

I have long had the discouraging suspicion that America's racial problems may be over only when we're all about the same color. We're moving, slowly, in that direction. Won't get there in my lifetime, though, and probably not in yours. But stuff like the Comcast ad seems to be evidence that American attitudes towards race are, slowly, changing.

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