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Should geeks marry party animals?

MOST of those on-line tests are silly, but the Autism Spectrum Quotient Test (courtesy of Wired) was created by the Autism Research Centre in Cambridge, England, and seems to have been at least partially validated. A control group of Muggles normal people  averaged 16.4 on this test. People with autism-related disorders tend to score above 32 and higher.

I got a 25, which seems to be average geek. People on Metafilter are reporting scores from the mid-teens to high 20's. Matt Haughey, the site's owner and programmer, scored 28. sadie01221975 reports "i got a 42, and am perfectly unemployable. thank goodness i have a sugar daddy who thinks i'm "quirky"." Hm.

What this test really needs is a bunch of colorful graphics you can post on your site, like one with a picture of Raymond from Rain Man, that says "I scored 82% autistic!"

Be sure to read the accompanying article in Wired about the (possibly disturbing) rise in autism and related disorders in Silicon Valley. Because autism-like disorders seem to be heavily genetic in origin, geeky people marrying geeky people tend to produce very geeky children. People tend to marry others like themselves, because we feel happiest in a relationship where we're on the same wavelength as our beloved, where we share interests, and think about the world in the same way. I feel that way, anyway, and I suspect most people do. But is this healthy for the genepool? If everyone marries someone like themselves, isn't this the equivalent of inbreeding? And while inbreeding can produce great results, carried too far it brings out bad recessive genes. Everyone recognizes bad genes such as those for hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, or Maple Syrup Urine Disease (found in the in-bred Amish), but what about genes for intellectual and emotional characteristics? Maybe it would be healthier for the species if geeks married party animals.

Take the test and let us know how you did!

Found on Metafilter

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