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Scandalous video

CHRISTMAS party at Casey's, Friday, December 14, around 11 pm to 2 am. Haven't tried to fix red-eye, those present will just have to deal with being the Children of the Damned. Haven't tried to fix red-cheek, either. Oh, my, some folks do get splotchy when they drink, don't they?

On the left, a classic pyramid. In the photo below, the fellow on the left has just arrived late, having finished a really, really bad shift in the ER. Can you tell?
Ah, Marita...(above) A truly unique lifeform.
Sometimes a face will just leap out at you, out of a crowd...
Just another crowd of degenerates, wasting their lives on empty frolic. The fellow on the far left is especially deeply sunk in sin and dissipation. God punished him by taking away his eyebrows.
Left: "...but she wants to direct."

Below: Everyone should be Santa, at least once.

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