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Winamp 2.74 problems

Winamp 2.72 has been nagging me to upgrade to 2.74, so I did.

I didn't like it.

The first thing I tried was the Utena OST2 CD. It tried to read the track names off the CD, failed, launched an app to get them off an internet database, failed (duh!), and then started pestering me to type in the names by hand. Sorry, not interested. So then Winamp refused to play the next song until I had either typed in the song name, or hit the 'cancel' button on the pop-up screen. Okay, fine, hit the cancel button. But the next song, it was the same thing! Same pop-up screen asking for the name, same refusal to pay the song until I canceled the screen. I couldn't figure a way to make it just not ask for the track names at all.

Nope, not going through this little ritual for every single fscking track on the album. Deinstalled 2.74, reinstalled 2.72, and I'm happy.

Looks like Nullsoft hasn't thought through this 'feature' very well. Perhaps their team isn't familiar with non-US CD's, or can't imagine a CD whose tracks aren't in their database. Well, guys, there's lots of stuff out there that didn't come from the US, or even Europe. Get used to it.
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