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Random Notes

RANDOM notes:

1. Amazon has a pre-order page up for Miyazaki's Laputa. Well, actually a pre-pre-order page, there's not even a price up, or a release date. Basically, they'll e-mail you when it becomes available. Who knows how real this is: I think Amazon had a similar page up for R1 Kiki on DVD, that was taken down later, and that release never happened. Still, I'm going to sign up for it. Can't hurt.

I wrote a review for Amazon. Never done that before. It reads like this:

'Castle in the Sky' (original title: 'Laputa, Castle in the Sky') is one of the animation masterpieces from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli (creators of 'Princess Mononoke' and 'Kiki's Delivery Service'), now being released in the US for the first time. Here is adventure and romance and comedy, reminiscent of a Spielberg film: a spunky little girl with a mysterious past, a magical pendant, a dastardly plot, a brave companion, a crew of comic-opera sky pirates, all converging on the legendary Castle in the Sky. The animation is brilliant and imaginative, and like much Japanese animation, owes more to the cinematic techniques of serious film than it does to American cartoons. This is an action film, may be too intense for the very young, but older children and adults will love its non-stop style. Some people consider it Miyazaki's best. If you have any interest in animation at all, this classic film is a must-see. [Note: this DVD is not yet released at the time this review was written, and the quality of the DVD transfer is unknown; however, Buena Vista's previous DVD release of a Ghibli film on DVD, 'Princess Mononoke', was a superb transfer.]

 I tried to use html for italics, but it didn't work. Poo on you, Amazon. :p

2. is reporting that the seemingly interminable negotiations for the Black Rose Arc of Utena appear finally to be over, and Central Park Media actually has the materials, i.e., master tapes, in hand. Holy cow, at last. Everyone email CPM and tell them not to hardsub the duel song lyrics!

3. A new mersenne prime, only the 39th known, has been discovered by a distributed computing project. It's 213,466,917-1, if you were wondering. Interesting. I'm thinking of participating in this for fun. Go to The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search for details. By the way, if yours is the PC that discovers a 10,000 digit prime, there is a substantial reward.

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