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Rave review of HALF-WITCH in the New York Times!

My debut novel, Half-Witch, gets a glowing review in the New York Times.

I'm in shock. But it's a good shock!
“Half-Witch” is a marvel of storytelling, balancing humor, terror and grace. Lizbet is so earnestly good, in a way that I think has fallen out of fashion but that I loved reading. She and Strix are a perfect double act, and the shape and texture of the friendship they build is a joy to discover."


The first novel in this quad-review is C.L. Polk's Witchmark, which has gotten other great reviews. I don't know whether Chelsea is still on LJ, but I've known her as a writer since we were both in the OWW workshop, and it's fabulous to see her debut novel have such great success.

The reviewer, Amal El-Mohtar, is a fine SFF writer herself. If you haven't read her, her story at Strange Horizons, "The Truth About Owls," is a good place to start.

Want to buy Half-Witch? Here's the Amazon link: Half-Witch.
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