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Nostalgic for the future

In the future, all women will be hot. So will all men.

Okay, so this is a trivial observation. But consider: genetic engineering is going lickety-split. In the not-too-distant future, we all may be able to choose what we look like. And who wouldn't choose to be hot?

Will we all look like pulp SF covers?

See, the definition of 'hot' isn't stable. It changes with every generation. Fashions of body and face change with glacial slowness, far, far more slowly than clothing fashions. But they do change.

If there had been pulp SF covers in Tokugawa Japan, the future's girls with guns might have looked like this:

But in two hundred years, the meaning of 'hot' has shifted a good bit.

I don't know what those LA police recruits (previous post) are going to look like in 2200. I wouldn't be surprised by anything. They will look back on today's Cosmo covers and advertising art, and think the people depicted look as strange and alien as a ukiyo-e courtesan.
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