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I seem to be a rounding error

90 percent of particles in the universe are hydrogen, and the other 10 percent are helium. Everything else, including 6 million billion billion kilograms of Earth, is a cosmic rounding error.
—Sam Kean, in The Disappearing Spoon

Sam, it's even worse than that. Most matter in the universe isn't even hydrogen or helium, it's dark matter, whatever the hell that is. WIMPs, or something even more exotic.

Proponents of ID/Creationism sometimes say that the universe must have been created for humankind because it is so well fitted for human life. Obviously this is nonsense. 99.99+% of the universe is wildly unfit for human life, unimaginably alien, inimical, and lethal.

Well. The next obvious question must surely be: if the universe wasn't created for humanity, who was it created for? Or, if you don't believe in creation, what sort of being would evolve to live in such a place?

I have my own ideas about that, and a 12k of outline towards a novel, but it's going to have to wait on the 14k outline towards my current WIP.
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