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Nameless Crit Group meeting

Had a good crit session tonight with the Nameless Crit Group, soon to be the Bodiless Crit Group. Subject of interrogation was the first quarter or so of Invisible House, filomancer's far future spacefaring SF novel. (A section of the novel titled "Pelago" appeared as a novella in Asimov's in January, two years ago.) Also in attendance: oracne and pointoforigin.

We all agreed that Invisible House is awesome. Yeah, we had crits, but damn, the thing is good. It will make a nice big splash in the SF world when it finally hits print. Watch for it.

While Invisible House is slowly getting bigger, I'm afraid the Nameless is getting smaller. filomancer has been living in Dubai, and gets to participate only rarely. pointoforigin is leaving for Michigan within the month. We may still be able to meet virtually, but that's still not as nice as face to face.

The Nameless has been good to me, good for me. I'm sorry to see it slowly diminish. I've been missing Judith, and I will miss Ann.
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