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1. "Send in the pantomime horses!"

2. Boooooring! This project desperately needs help from Sandy Paws.

3. The buzzing is nuts. I imagine it's a gas engine working an electrical generator. The inside shot with the stack of cinderblocks, in which BigDog is being supplied power through an umbilical cord, is much more tolerable. Doubtless this was the idea behind Eva design.

4. Both pairs of legs seems to be identical, but facing in opposite directions. I.e., if you replaced a dog's front legs with a set of hind legs pointing backward, you would have something like BigDog. So why aren't real animals built like this? Well, Unintelligent Design, for one thing. Animals evolved, which means that lots of random stuff got grandfathered in, so to speak. But also because animals have 'endedness', i.e., the front end has different functions from the back end, and the animal generally only moves in one direction. BigDog, OTOH, does not seem to have endedness. Should it? Even most human-built machines, from airplanes and cars to toasters and refrigerators and scissors, have their ends privileged differently. Would BigDog be more efficient if it had endedness?

5. Does the entire future have to be CamelCase? Really? *cries*
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