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Sora no Woto, finale

Finished watching Sora no Woto

The last two episodes ramp up sharply. The final episode is almost unbearably intense. I literally spent most of it with tears streaming down my cheeks. I think I downregulated every serotonin receptor in my brain.

I'll have a summing up later. I ran across this comment on the Animesuki forums, which I pretty much agree with.
What transpired before me, if a little contrived, was almost completely magical. I don't think I've seen such a uplifting ending to a story teetering at the edge of oblivion since Now and Then, Here and There.I'm gonna have to watch it again later and make a proper post to what I had just witnessed.

BTW before all this started I made a bet with a friend that should this series deviate from my expectations of a typical moeblob and actually be something worthwhile, I'd eat my own pubes. Goddammit what a gyp of a bet.

Time to buy some mayonnaise.
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