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I can no longer watch American TV. The last popular two shows I've tried to watch were True Blood and Mad Men.

True Blood seemed to be a sort of sexual Markov chain. How many different combinations of characters can we get in bed together, on the flimsiest of excuses? I didn't believe in the vampires for a moment, they were all camping it up like Frank N. Furter. Hell, the character designer couldn't even come up with a consistent fang design. I lasted, I think, through two or three episodes before calling it quits.

Which is longer than I lasted through Mad Men. I stopped watching Mad Men halfway through the second episode. Let's see: men are all villains, women are all victims, everyone in the 1960s was stupid and reckless and cruel and they didn't wear seat belts and they let their kids put dry cleaning plastic bags over their heads! White people were racists! Men were sexists! And they smoked! A lot! And voted for Nixon! Ewww! We're ever so much smarter and better they they were, aren't we? But just look at the cool retro set design!

You could make a "The 1960s Were Like..." bingo card for that show.

Mad Men is everything I hate about hipster culture: the smugness, the sneering, the prim moral superiority. The substitution of sarcasm for humor. The lack of perspective. The inability to see humanity in people who are unlike yourself.

Stylish OP, though.

Besides the occasional movie, the only video fiction I've been able to watch lately is anime. Comments on anime shows recently seen will be forthcoming. They're different from American TV. Some are equally bad, but in different ways. Some are better.
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