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I hate computers

WHAT a crappy night. There were all sorts of things I wanted to do, but instead I got bogged down in software glitches.

There have been a bunch of trolls from the FF ng's bothering raam lately, and I'd like to killfile them, but one in particular keeps changing his user name to foil this. He has a static IP number, but Agent won't filter on any header field except 'From' and 'Subject'. I learned of an external program which acts as an intermediary NNTP host, nFilter. I downloaded and installed it. I can use it to filter 'From' and 'Subject', but it fails to filter on the 'NNTP-Posting-Host' field, which is what I want, even though the documentation says it does. I have no idea why. I wasted several hours trying various gambits, to no avail.

Second, I can't make RealPlayer work with a lot of sites, most annoyingly CDNow, where I buy most my CD's. I get an error message if I try to play one of the clips. The peculiar thing is, it works fine when I'm logged in to Win2K as 'Administrator', but not when I'm logged in as user Slithy Tove, even though Slithy has Administrator privileges. Makes no damn sense.

I spent a lot of time on Google and Google Groups trying to find whether anyone else had the same problems, and I found nothing. Crud.

And all the time, I could have been reading a good book instead. Sometimes I hate computers.

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