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East coast blizzard report

There is now 16 inches of global warming on my driveway.

The further east you go, the higher the snow amount. Philly got 22.9 inches, which is apparently a record for any December. The record in Philadelphia for any date is a little over 30", not that long ago, in 1996. I've already made one pass with the snow blower late yesterday morning before I went to bed, but my work is cut out for me for this morning, if I hope to be able to get to work Sunday night.

The current AP headline on this event reads: "Blizzard-like storm slams East; region snowed in"

Why so mealy-mouthed, AP? 'Blizzard-like'? What part of this record-breaking snow storm does not look like a blizzard to you? Might the storm turn out to be something else, like an exceptionally heavy fog, or a rain of Buicks? Why not just call it a blizzard? Is this like the wire services calling every criminal 'alleged', even the ones arrested while firing a gun into a slumped victim? Is the AP afraid of being sued by Mr. Storm, who will produce expert witnesses in court to testify that he wasn't really a 'blizzard'?

I'm really curious to know why the headline-writer came up with that construction.
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