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Review: DiGiorno frozen Pepperoni Pizza

DiGiorno Rising Crust Pizza: 'Pepperoni'

Executive summary: It's edible, which for frozen pizza is saying a lot

I like pizza. Who doesn't? Going out for pizza with friends is fine, but when I'm home alone, ordering a pizza delivered produces far more pizza than I can eat. I also have this, ah, schedule problem. I live on a reversed schedule, working nights and sleeping days, so 'supper' for me is around 8 or 9 in the morning. Not many pizza places open at that time.

I've posted a recipe for homemade pizza a while back, but even that takes more effort that I often want to put out. How about frozen pizza?

The problem with frozen pizza is that it sucks, basically. This probably won't ever be fixed. You just can't freeze cheese very well, the freezing process apparently destroys cheese, so no frozen pizza actually has cheese on it, but rather an artificial cheese-like substance. Dough freezes somewhat better, but still isn't going to be as good as fresh dough. But why is the sauce so bad? Tomato sauce on frozen pizza, even expensive, brand name frozen pizza, is typically a fluorescent orange jelly-like substance, with a taste completely unlike tomatoes, and loaded with sugar.

DiGiorno frozen pizza is one of the best of a bad lot. In fact, it's one of the only two brands of frozen pizza I can even stand to eat. It's nothing like real pizza, you can't think of it as pizza, or you'll be disappointed. The crust is pretty good, the tomato sauce has some relationship to real tomatoes, the pepperoni slices aren't bad, the cheese... uh, I'd rather not discuss the cheese. It's edible, let's move on.

It isn't especially cheap, it's about US$4.00 for a single serving size, about 13 ounces, at my local Acme, although it is sometimes on sale. But it's nice to have in the freezer to just throw in the oven when you're hungry, and don't want to be bothered to cook.

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