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Majority of U.S. Parents Wary of H1N1 Vaccine: Poll

That's what the headline says. The story is far worse.
[A Consumers Union poll] found that 50 percent of parents are delaying the vaccination decision, mainly because they were wary about whether the new H1N1 vaccine has been tested enough.The same concerns were shared by 14 percent of parents who have ruled out vaccination altogether...

The survey also found 43 percent of parents were not too worried about their children contracting H1N1...
This is the fruit of the anti-vaccination crowd's madness. Millions of kids going unvaccinated.

I predict: hundreds of deaths. Maybe thousands. Not tens of thousands, not millions. This isn't the new Black Death. It won't result in the a major population contraction, or the abandonment of towns. But hundreds of dead children is still hundreds too many.

The deaths will hardly be noticed. because they won't occur all at once, like a school soccer team dying in a bus crash. They'll occur one by one, in this town or that, across the nation. An occasional photo of a child will appear in the obits, with the notation, 'Died after a brief illness'. The parents will be devastated. Some will lie to themselves, trying to make themselves believe that the vaccine wouldn't have done anything. Some will fully realize what they've done, and remorse will poison the rest of their lives.

The children will remain dead.
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