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Dept. of Wine for the Woman Who Made the Rain Come

Nudity and Sex news round-up. No NSFW photos.

1. Ex-Hedge Fund Employees Holding Topless Pics Of Boss's Wife For Ransom

2. Indian farmers make their daughters plow the fields naked, hoping to embarrass the weather gods, who haven't monsooned lately.

I'm sure that was the hedge fund manager's plan. Get the old lady out there topless to embarrass the Bull Market Gods, who haven't rained on the market in the last two years.

3. Who is Governor X? One of the call girls escorts at the agency former NY Gov. Spitzer used claims that she serviced another governor as well. Gawker does the police line-up.

My guess is that Gawker's odds are correct, it's most likely Arnie. The man is just a horndog. See Plo Chops. And as the escort said, his wife, Maria Shriver, is prominent in her own right.

Still, I wonder about Suspect No. 2, Ed Rendell. He's close to NYC. His wife is a federal judge. (And wouldn't even a call girl know that Arnie was married? You can't check out at the supermarket without seeing Arnie and Maria on the covers of the celebrity mags once or twice a year. This call girl apparently didn't know.)

And there's this: Rendell has denied any presidential ambitions, would would seem the logical next step for him. That has always puzzled me. He's not that old. He was a very successful mayor of Philadelphia. He's the sort of Democrat for whom Republicans in the suburbs switched their registration to Democratic so they could vote for him in the Democratic primary. He's that popular. The man is obvious presidential timber. Why so shy, Ed?

Although his administrations in Philly and Harrisburg have been free of scandal, I've always wondered whether there wasn't something in Rendell's past that he knew would come out with the intense vetting presidential candidates get from the press. I wonder whether this is the answer, or part of the answer. Is Ed Rendell secretly Mark Sanford? Is there a love child somewhere, a la John Edwards? I wonder.
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