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Remember this guy? I sent him to the Psych Crisis Unit that morning. They bounced him. They said his main problem was PCP, not psychosis.

He came back two nights ago.

Neighbors noticed that he was passed out on his porch. Neighbors called medics. Patient woke up and fought with medics. Medics called cops. Patient fought with cops. Got Tasered. Dragged back to ER. Nurses pulled Taser darts out. Patient was sedated with Zyprexa and Ativan, 302'ed (by me, this time), and sent to Crisis again.

Crisis bounced him again. Told him not to use PCP. Patient left Crisis, used PCP, and decided to go down to the local station house and settle matters with the police.

As you might expect, this did not go well. He got Tasered again, and dragged back to ER. Nurses took more Taser darts out, and strapped patient to stretcher in 4-point restraints. Patient flipped the stretcher, and managed to walk around, still strapped to the stretcher, carrying the stretcher on his back. Big guy.

Cops were called again. Patient Tasered again. Patient sedated again. Nurses pulled out Taser darts again.

The police decided they were tired of Tasering this guy three times a day. They summoned a judge to the ER. It was July 5, a Sunday afternoon. Hot day. Judge showed up in shorts. He wore judicial robes over the shorts. He was accompanied by three county prison guards who, the nurses swear, were all eight feet tall. Patient was arraigned by the judge, in the ER. Taken off to prison by guards. The End.
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