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Gerald Wilde (1905-1986) was an eccentric British expressionist painter, a friend of Henry Moore and Alfred Lord Douglas. Most of his life was spent in public obscurity so deep that even his neighbors didn't recognize him. When a stranger died outside his house in 1970, neighbors told the police it was Wilde, and premature obits appeared in the newspapers. Even Wikipedia doesn't have an entry on Wilde. Gallery owners had a hard time dealing with him, on account of his habit of giving away his paintings to friends. He appears to have been a schizophrenic. He lived on public welfare, and spent most of his money on alcohol. He was a devotee of G. I. Gurdjieff.

Gurdjieff was a Pontic Greek-Armenian mystic, teacher, and writer of the early 20th century. Time Magazine reported that Gurdjieff came across as "a remarkable blend of P.T. Barnum, Rasputin, Freud, Groucho Marx and everybody's grandfather." He tried to synthesize Eastern esoteric and mystical thought with European ideas, into a philosophy which has been called the "Fourth Way." He attributed the origins of his ideas to conversations he had on travels in his youth, during which he claimed to have spoken to members of a secret group of advanced spiritual masters, the Sarmoung Brotherhood.

The Sarmoung Brotherhood is claimed to have originated in Babylon, around 2500 B.C. They are said to have been associated with Zoroaster, and to transmit the esoteric knowledge of 'pre-sand' Egypt. It is alleged that Sarmoung agents, the Khwajagan Masters of Wisdom, secretly control the Northern Sufi. The Sarmoungs are reported to have monasteries in the Hindu Kush and in Tibet.

Sometimes the world seems just chock-a-block with secret societies and hidden orders of wise men. Surely they all must meet and compare notes, just so they don't all step on each other's plans for world domination. I imagine a bar, in Singapore, or New York, Marseilles, or Cairo. The Sarmoung have a table, as do the Great White Brotherhood, the Secret Chiefs, the Illuminati, the Knights Templar, the Nine Unknown Men, and the Skull and Bones, the last represented by John Kerry and George W. Bush. Kerry is drinking white wine. Bush is drinking O'Douls.
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