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The marshmallow diaries

Dept. of Jam Tomorrow

Don't eat that marshmallow!
[O]ccasionally Mischel would ask his three daughters...about their friends from nursery school. "It was really just idle dinnertime conversation," he says. "I’d ask them, 'How's Jane? How's Eric? How are they doing in school?' " Mischel began to notice a link between the children’s academic performance as teen-agers and their ability to wait for the second marshmallow. He asked his daughters to assess their friends academically on a scale of zero to five. Comparing these ratings with the original data set, he saw a correlation. "That’s when I realized I had to do this seriously," he says.
It's been noted that there is a pretty close correlation between IQ and success in life, up to about an IQ of 140. But above that that level, the correlation breaks down.

Why? I've always assumed that above some level of intelligence, 'other stuff' becomes more important, stuff that isn't measured (yet) in IQ testing. Perhaps what we vaguely refer to as 'character'.

Maybe the marshmallow experiments are beginning to help us understand what character is.

Well, that's enough LJ posting, I've got to get back to writing fiction. But first, a few more rounds of The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil.
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