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I see the Swine Flu numbers for the US have risen to 109. Still only one confirmed death, and that was in an infant who had just come from Mexico. The BBC's TerrorGraph® now shows that the number of confirmed cases in Mexico is now only thought to be 300, and the number of deaths 12.

H1N1 is going away? Already? I'd like to think, but probably not. Probably what's happening is that cases that were presumed to be swine flu have been proven not to be after actual laboratory testing. How big this thing is going to get remains to be seen.

Locally, there are now four 'probable' cases in the Philly area. Ugh. These are the first for us.

If you're interested in what's going to happen if you go to your doc or the hospital with symptoms, these are the guidelines my department promulgated a couple of days ago:
If you have a patient you suspect of having the flu,
send a flu swab and put a mask on the patient.

If the flu is positive for Influenza A, obtain a second
nasopharyngeal sample and place in viral medium and put on
ice for transport to the lab. Inform the lab the sample is
to be sent for further analysis.

If you feel the patient meets admission criteria (ie also
with pneumonia, hypotension, etc.) then admit. Otherwise,
discharge and inform patient to stay home for 7 days. All
patients should be treated with Tamiflu or Relenza. Home
contacts should receive prophylaxis.
CDC is now recommending prophylaxis for only for household contacts who are at unusual risk, e.g., the very old, the very young, the pregnant, and Other.

Meanwhile, Patient Zero has been identified from an incriminating photograph.

Also, it takes a public health disaster to really know who your friends are.
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