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That day we played no further.

I see that EA will be releasing a game based on the Inferno.

Maybe this will convince me to buy a PS3.

The MeFi thread is amusing. euphorb says, "I'm picturing epic boss battles against the Leopard of Malice and the She-Wolf of Incontinence."

Screenshots are nicely creepy.

Yeah, I know, fighting the minions of Hell with a magic scythe isn't what Dante had in mind. But Buffy wasn't exactly what Bram Stoker had in mind, and LotR wasn't what the writers of the Edda had in mind, and those didn't turn out so badly, so you never know.

If the game is successful, I certainly hope EA will follow it up with Purgatorio, and Paradisio. The final boss ought to be tough.
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