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Ugh. I was wrong about the xanibars in my previous post's comments. I had been told by another physician that the bar form did not exist legally. Wrong. There are several manufacturers who distribute alprazolam/Xanax in 2 mg bars. Given that, it's most likely that the stuff on the street is legally manufactured drug that has been diverted.

Trust, but verify. I didn't verify. *slaps self around a bit*

It is true that there is some pretty sophisticated outsider chemistry behind the wainscot. Anyone who has looked into Uncle Fester's books of LSD and meth manufacture knows that making these is not something you can do on the kitchen table in a free evening. The chemistry is complicated, dangerous, and uses some very scary chemicals. Prior to a bust in 2000, William Pickard and associates were producing 90% of the world's LSD in an abandoned Atlas missile silo in Kansas. After that bust, LSD mentions in the DAWN reports dropped by 80%.

Of course, Phish stopped touring, so there were other factors.
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