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Last week Congress couldn't get it together to bailout the hapless US automakers. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) predicted that the stock market would tank the next day. Instead,the stock market shrugged it off. What does the market know that Reid doesn't know?

A couple days later I watched UAW President Ron Gettelfinger doing a TV news conference. Never have I witnessed a man with a more hypertrophied sense of entitlement.

The Big Three automakers and the UAW are engaged in a murder-suicide pact.

Inevitably, well-meaning, empathic individuals will step in and try to stop them. Someone, somewhere, will provide funds so that the US automakers will stumble through into the new year. And funds so that they will last a few months after that. And funds so that they will be able to finish out 2009. And some more funds after that.

This won't last forever. After a year, or two, or three, everyone will get tired of the constant bloodletting, the tap will be shut off, and the inevitable will become inevitable. But we *have* to throw a couple hundred billion down this particular rat hole first.

We just have to. It's human nature. When the beloved, 85 year old dad comes to the ER in extremis, the family wants 'everything' done for him. We love him. We can't lose him. He means everything to us. We must save him.

They have to see the tubes, the vent, the pumps, for days and days. They have to see dad not getting better, but slipping into delirium. Hopes raised up after every little improvement, then dashed when there is some new complication.

Eventually, reality dawns, and the family is able to say, 'no more'.

We have to go through this with the automakers. We've had lots of good times, and we can't bear to say goodbye. We can't bear to believe it's all over.

A few years ago, there was an LJ meme that you would provide a link to a music video that played the year you were born.

And this, folks, was the year I was born:
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