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There is no Santa Claus, and Rudolph is his reindeer

Christmas baking report:

The 2008-2009 Fruitcake Experiment has begun.

This fruitcake has been baked, doused with bourbon like Tennessee Williams, wrapped in plastic like Laura Palmer, and stowed in the back of the cupboard for a month. Like a dead body in the true crime story of your choice.

Huh. That didn't go quite where I was expecting. But, onward!

Next up: this fruitcake. Fruits are now macerating in off-brand triple sec. (Grand Marnier? You kidding me? Hello, PhillyMag, does the word 'recession' mean anything to you?) Scheduled to be baked two days from now.

I don't believe fruitcake has to be Evil. Perhaps, if my heart is pure, I can convert it to Good, like an evil NPC in La Pucelle Tactics.

You can often cut a quest like this short by consulting Cooks Illustrated, and finding they've baked ten thousand of the foodstuff in question, and determined definitively which of many variations is the most hedonic. But CI doesn't ever seem to have attempted fruitcake. The closest I can find is a comparison of commercial fruitcakes, which isn't what I'm interested in.
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