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Now, here's my plan...

Okay, the debate.

Good debate. Gooooood debate.

If you took a drink every time McCain said, "I've been to SomeOtherCountryCurrentlyInTurmoil, and I've talked to people there, and therefore GeneraliziedPolicyProposal," you'd have to be admitted to the ICU for acute alcohol poisoning. Even if you were drinking 3.2.

Obama doesn't want to attack McCain. He wants to articulate policy, and his attacks on McCain feel forced, like stuff he doesn't really want to say, but feels forced into by his handlers.

I'm watching the CNN 'Audience reaction' meter. Man. People *hate* it when one candidate attacks the other. The best levels of Rep, Dem, and Ind were when both McCain and Obama were basically on agreement on our response to Russian aggressiveness. Ordinary people, not policy nerds, not flame-brained partisans, don't like dissension. They don't like intramural squabbling. They want R and D to agree, and work together.

The Founding Fathers hated partisanship, too. They called it 'faction', and they just hated it. Yet, the nation drifted into it soon enough.

Why is this? It's not just "I think A, but you think B, therefore you are a wingnut/moonbat." There are other, darker forces pushing us towards partisanship.

Look, I've got a modest proposal.

McCain dumps Palin, and takes Obama as his VP candidate.

Obama dumps Biden, and takes McCain as his VP candidate.

This would be a huge improvement on both sides, and the right thing to do for the nation.

So, of course, it won't happen.
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